BANDUNG. 18/10/2023.

The Communication Science Department has the opportunity to provide project-based lectures in UNIKOM SCHOLAR (Student Course and Heritage for Overseas Learning and Academic Research) activities. This program was designed by the Directorate of International Publications for foreign students from various countries who are interested in developing knowledge and research based on IT and Indonesian culture, especially in getting to know West Java culture and tourism in the city of Bandung. This activity will be held for two weeks from October 16–28, 2023.

This time, the Unikom Scholar activity was attended by students from various countries, namely Malaysia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Oman, and Somalia, totaling 21 people, with three accompanying lecturers who also participated as participants. Participants will receive lecture activities including scientific paper writing, creative design, technopreneurship, animation and multimedia, and broadcasting, which will be held in the television and radio laboratory of the Communication Science Study Program.

The lecture series The broadcasting activity lasted for two hours, starting with material about broadcasting, and then participants were introduced to broadcasting equipment, assisted by the broadcast tutor team from the Communication Science Study Program. After gaining an understanding of broadcasting and its equipment, the participants were asked to form two groups who would carry out the task of creating a broadcasting program, such as news and talk shows in the TV Lab and podcasts in the RadioLab. In the implementation, the participants looked very enthusiastic and tried to give their best in their assignments.

One of the student participants from Madagascar, Razafitsalama Harris, showed his curiosity in the world of broadcasting by asking several questions in each session and was eager to try every piece of broadcasting equipment. Likewise, the other participants seemed ready when the practical activities were carried out and the practice went smoothly. In the future, Unikom Scholar activities are expected to become routine activities that bring in foreign students to learn new things at the Indonesian Computer University and also Indonesian culture.