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At the end of last week, the Communication Studies Student Association successfully held a National Seminar that focused on an important issue that is currently of concern to the community, namely the Demographic Bonus. The event that took place successfully was able to attract the attention of many groups, including several important figures such as a member of Commission 1 DPR RI, @junicosiahaan, Chair of the Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission, and also a lecturer in our study program, @adiyanaslamet, and Unikom Alumni who had served as President Students, @archyrenaldy.

The National Seminar held by the Communication Sciences Student Association carried the theme Demographic Bonus, an issue that cannot be ignored given its impact and potential for the growth and development of a country. By presenting competent speakers, this event managed to provide in-depth insight into the role and implications of the Demographic Bonus for Indonesia.
On this occasion, member of Commission 1 DPR RI, @junicosiahaan, gave his views on the government’s role in optimally utilizing the Demographic Bonus for the progress of the nation. Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission and lecturer in our study program, @adiyanaslamet, provided insight into the importance of the role of media and communication in educating the public about the Demographic Bonus.

Not to forget, @archyrenaldy, a Unikom alumni who once served as Student President, also gave inspiring stories about how the younger generation can contribute to voicing these crucial demographic issues.

This National Seminar on Demographic Bonuses is one of the clearest proofs that the Communication Science Student Association does not only act as an academic forum but also as an agent of change who cares about the nation’s strategic issues. This event has provided a space for students and other participants to exchange ideas and take part in joint efforts to face the challenges of the Demographic Bonus in the future.
We hope that the success of this National Seminar can have a positive influence on public awareness about Demographic Bonuses and inspire participants to continue to play an active role in social change. Thank you to all resource persons, participants, and organizers for their dedication and hard work in organizing this useful event. Hopefully, this will be the start of further steps to be taken to advance the understanding and handling of the Demographic Bonus issue in Indonesia.