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Bandung, IK.UNIKOM.AC.ID (21/06/2023) This semester, the first decisive battle began for 171 Thesis Warriors who were on their academic journey. In this battle, they will face a Proposed Research Seminar, a critical early stage in their thesis process. With high spirits and determination, these warriors will compete and select one another; only the strongest will survive and continue their journey.

The Research Proposal Seminar is an important moment where the thesis fighters present and defend their research ideas in front of the supervisor and board of examiners. At this stage, they must demonstrate a deep understanding of the problem they wish to study as well as describe an appropriate methodology to answer their research question.
The process of a research proposal seminar is not an easy one. Warriors must collect and analyze relevant literature, design a solid theoretical framework, and formulate appropriate hypotheses or research questions. Apart from that, they also have to prepare an effective presentation to convey their ideas clearly and convincingly.

For the 171 Thesis Warriors, the Research Proposal Seminar is the first battle that will determine the continuation of their journey. They have gone through the grueling initial stages, such as topic selection, literature review, and research proposal formulation. However, this is the stage where they will be tested directly by experts in their fields.
Although competition is fierce, Proposed Research Seminars also provide opportunities for warriors to learn and grow. Through discussions and input from supervisors and the board of examiners, they can improve their research proposals and hone their understanding of the topics they are researching. Any challenges they face at this stage are an important part of their learning process.

We congratulate the 171 Thesis Warriors who have reached this stage. You have all shown great tenacity, dedication, and passion in pursuing knowledge and overcoming every obstacle along this journey. This early stage is just the first step towards greater success.
Let’s fight together in the next stage! The Proposed Research Seminar is the first test that separates powerful warriors. Keep working hard, learn from experience, and take every opportunity as a stepping stone to achieving your academic goals. With determination and hard work, we will see the success and glorious achievements of these 171 Thesis Warriors.
Cheers and success for the next stage!