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BANDUNG,IK.UNIKOM.AC.ID (15/12/2022) – The Unikom Communication Science Study Program carried out community service activities or PKM at the Mandalasari Village Office, Bandung Regency. In this activity there were material presentations from four practitioners who were competent in their fields and provided direction on Village website management. This PKM activity is one of the Grant programs in the implementation of the Tri dharma of higher education, which is, expected to make it easier for people to access information from the Internet.

This activity began with the presentation of material from four UNIKOM lecturers, who provided material on direction of managing village websites.

According to Inggar Prayoga, S.Ikom, M.Ikom, in this era where the development is so fast, including in the field of technology and communication, the purpose of this PKM is to help and make a website for Mandalasari Village, assist in the dissemination of information and programs planned by Mandalasari Village.

This PKM program will continue under the supervision of UNIKOM, which will continue to help the development of the Mandalasari Village website to remain active and continue to provide information for residents.

Dr. Melly Maulin Purwaningwulan, S.Sos., M.Si., regarding this program hopes that the materials and directions can be implemented by the people of Mandalasari Village.