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BANDUNG, IK.UNIKOM.AC.ID (01/03/2023) – The Communication Studies Program has held a webinar with the theme “Photoprener As An Opportunity”. In this webinar we had the opportunity to invite a guest star from Columbia, United States, named Cory W. Macneil, he is a potographer and Ph.D Candidate Journalism, University of Missouri.

The material presented by Mr. Cory W.Macneil is about how to make us confident to build a business in the field of potographers because we need to take every opportunity. Initially Mr. Cory had a hobby in the field of potographers and the results were very satisfying but he felt insecure about his catch to be built in the business world, but he had friends and family who always supported him to publish his work. And in the end he ventured to try to build a business in the field of photography, finally his business was successful and was widely recognized by people, especially in his country.

To achieve success Mr. Cory W. Macneil also gave some tips, one of which is when we want to start a business, stop receiving business advice from others but start talking to the business department. Stop chasing followers and start building your own community. And also because we are now in the digital age, Mr. Cory recommends that we create a website so that it is easier for people to show our work to others in our own way.

This webinar was held so that we can create opportunities that can be created, then how to introduce potography work on social media and also we get tips so that we can have extraordinary potography work.

This webinar was moderated by one of our lecturers Yasundari, M.I.KOM