The UNIKOM Communication Science Student Association has implemented an annual work program in the form of community service, namely “Communication Science Goes to Kampoeng Vol. 5”, usually abbreviated as IKGTK. The activity will last for 7 days, starting on Monday, August 14, 2023, and ending on August 20, 2023. This year’s IKGTK event raises the issue of modernization for society and carries the theme ‘Adaptive, Responsive, Creative, for an Innovative Society’.

In its implementation, the Committee from HIMA IK opened registration for competent participants for Communication Science Study Program students who were interested in contributing to IKGTK activities in Arjasari Village, Bandung Regency. It is hoped that the participation of general students will be able to meet needs in accordance with the development that will be carried out in Arjarsari Village.

The development of Arjasari Village is carried out, including community service activities, collaborating with the local Posyandu in carrying out immunizations, and visits to kindergartens and elementary schools in Arjasari Village. According to the Chief Executive of IKGTK Vol. V, namely Putri Fudini, the activities carried out by the committee were based on input from residents and sub-districts of Arjarsari Village and adapted to the needs of local residents.

The Goes to Kampoeng Communication Science Vol. V activity coincides with the 78th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. The organizing committee had the opportunity to enliven the 17th event, which was greeted enthusiastically by residents in Arjarsari Village. The series of events for the 17s competition ran in an orderly and lively manner and closed with an art performance and prize distribution.

IKGTK activities are a form of implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, namely student service to the community. This activity is a form of social concern and responsibility as a student to provide benefits to society.