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Good news for Indonesian Computer University students! The Communication Science Study Program Receives Double Degree Opportunities with Youngsan University, South Korea

On Tuesday, May 31, 2023, several study programs from the Indonesian Computer University, including our Communication Science Study Program, also attended a coordination meeting with representatives from Youngsan University. This event discusses opportunities to implement the Double Degree Program, which will be a golden opportunity for our students!

In this program plan, students have the opportunity to take the first two years at the Communication Science Study Program at the Indonesian Computer University and then continue for the next two years at the Broadcasting and Photographic Arts Department, Youngsan University, South Korea. Through this program, students will get a unique opportunity to develop communication skills and explore aspects of the art of photography and broadcasting with international standards.

With two pathways, namely English and Korean, this program provides flexibility for students to choose the language that best suits their needs and preferences. In addition to improving language skills, the opportunity to experience different cultures and learning environments will be an invaluable added value for participants.

However, to make this program a reality, support from all parties is needed. Let’s unite our prayers and hopes so that this ambitious project can be realized soon. With collaboration and high enthusiasm, we hope that this Double Degree program can bring brilliant achievements to the Indonesian Computer University and create a quality next generation in the field of communication and broadcasting arts.

If this program becomes a reality, our students will have a golden opportunity to contribute and gain an unforgettable international experience. We will continue to follow the development of this program with enthusiasm.

Stay enthusiastic and monitor the latest information regarding this program. Let’s pray together and hope that this big step will be realized in the near future. Success to the Indonesian Computer University and Youngsan University in realizing this inspiring double degree program!