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BANDUNG, IK.UNIKOM.AC.ID (26/07/2023) Last July, the big family of FISIP UNIKOM held a Gathering activity to strengthen the sense of kinship and hospitality, which was held on Wednesday morning (26/07) at Situ Cileunca, Pangalengan, Bandung Regency. The participants of this activity were all permanent lecturers and secretariats in UNIKOM’s FISIP environment, both from Communication Science, Government Science, and International Relations.

The fun of the event has begun. When the departure begins, we arrive at the location of the gathering event. This gathering activity began with a warm-up in the form of interesting games guided by the travel party, after which it was continued with a gift exchange event.

The main event of this activity is the rafting activity, where before rafting, the participants are divided into three groups. This rafting event is an interesting experience for the participants of this gathering. Besides being able to stimulate adrenaline, this rafting activity can also present beautiful and cool views along the rafting track that flows along the Situ Cileunca River. After the rafting activity is complete, it is continued with lunch, with the participants gathering.
It is our great hope that with this event, we can increase the relationship between lecturers and the secretariat within FISIP UNIKOM.