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BANDUNG, IK.UNIKOM.AC.ID (30/05/2023) – In order to face the challenges of an increasingly complex professional world, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences views the importance of developing student character as an important aspect in the formation of quality human resources. Therefore, the Character Building program was held again after previously being carried out online during the pandemic.
The Character Building Program is a mandatory activity that must be followed by all students of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences as a requirement before facing the thesis trial. By implementing this program, it is hoped that students will be able to hone and strengthen their personal integrity and competence, so that they become graduates who not only have academic knowledge, but also good attitudes and values.
This year, the Character Building program will be held offline at the Infantry Weapons Center (Pussenif) under the coordination of the Indonesian Army on 30-31 May 2023. The location chosen has adequate facilities to support the success of this program, as well as providing a different and different atmosphere. challenging for the participants.
In this program, students will take part in a series of activities specifically designed to shape their character. These activities include leadership training, developing communication skills, forming ethics and morals, as well as strengthening national values ​​and love of the country.
Through direct experience and interaction with resource persons who are competent in their fields, students will be invited to go beyond their limits and develop their best potential. They will learn about responsibility, cooperation, effective leadership, and the importance of integrity in living in society.
It is hoped that this Character Building program can have a significant positive impact on all participating students. By increasing personal integrity and competence, it is hoped that graduates of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences will be able to contribute positively to various sectors of society, both in the academic world, government and non-governmental organizations.
Hopefully, through this program, students will be able to discover deeper life values, strengthen personal character, and develop the abilities needed to face future challenges.