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BANDUNG, IK.UNIKOM.AC.ID (21/03/2023) – Communication Science Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Computer Indonesian (UNIKOM) has organized a Media Visit to iNews located in Menteng, Central Jakarta on Thursday (16/03) with the theme “The Rise of New Media in Era 4.0”.

This activity was attended by 41 students and accompanied by lecturers teaching journalism courses, including:
1.) Safutra Rantona, M.I.Kom.
2.) Dr. Yuni Mogot, M.Si, CPR.
3.) Yasundari, S.I.Kom, M.I.Kom.

In this case, the accompanied students were warmly welcomed by the Corporate Public Relations (CPR) team from iNews. Not only that, the students and lecturers who participated in this activity gained a lot of knowledge and extraordinary experiences in the discussion session from Senior Journalist and Executive Producer, Khoiri Akhmadi.

Khoiri Akhmadi’s presentation was related to “Internship Opportunities in Mass Media,” where he said the opportunities for internships / working in Mass Media are wide open. Of course, the possibilities are still very much and should be well-spent. All things related to lectures, for example, coursework, can be used as a portfolio.

Apart from the presentation of material, students are also invited to Office Tour to see firsthand the news production process in a television studio. Students were also allowed to try being a news presenter with iNews senior news anchors in the Studio during commercial breaks.The Communication Science Study Program hopes that by holding this activity, the Communication Science Study Program students can gain various experiences and have pictures of the reality of working in Mass Media.