Vision and Mission

Become a Study Program that has a global perspective, based on science, technology and information as well as entrepreneurship. To become a center of excellence in the field of Communication Science which is oriented towards national development, national welfare and national morality.

Organizing education and teaching in the field of Communication Sciences, making Study Program Resources capable of anticipating socio-political changes, the dynamics of National and International communication through scientific, technological, and information understanding, ethical and moral.

1. Producing Bachelor of Communication Science graduates who are competitive and professional both at the national and global levels.
Producing communication science graduates who are ready to become professionals in the field of communication science based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
Producing Bachelor of Communication Science graduates who have an entrepreneurial spirit so that they can create new jobs.
Developing the ability of lecturers in the learning process
Able to be professional and ethical at work.
Improve the quality and quantity of research and community service (PKM).
Establish cooperation with universities, companies, governments both nationally and globally.